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Increasing the Shelf Life of Cut Flowers

Apart from floral food, there are several other ways to keep the cut flowers alive and peppier for the longer times! Here at EcoTulips, you can scroll down to know some of the very few well-guarded secrets by the florists! Use them to prolong the life span of your cut flowers!

It has been advised over and again to keep the flowers, be it cut flowers or a bouquet arrangement, to keep in water.  As far as the temperature of water is concerned, the florists have two different opinions on this. While some of them are of the opinion of keep the flowers in cold water, some florists advise against it and suggest keeping the flowers in lukewarm water or usually the tap water on room temperature. However, it has been seen that tap water usually has high levels of chlorine, which is detrimental for their health and hence, it is recommended that you use RO water for the same.

Lukewarm water is absorbed by flowers better but flowers like hyacinth and tulips prefer cold water. Flowers like tulips have soft stems and hence, it is better to keep them in cold water. Usually flowers that have bulky stem such as daisies and marigolds prefer more water. Hence, lukewarm water is the best for them. Flowers with woody stems such as pear, dogwood and lilac need more water and it is better to cut their stems in half to allow for more room to absorb the water.

If your cut flowers include daffodils, it is advised to keep them away from the rest of floral arrangement. The stems of daffodils secrete milky liquid that is usually detrimental for the rest of flowers. If you still want to go for it, keep the stems in boiling water for about 40 seconds.

So, it is basically a ‘hit-and-trial’ method to see what works for your flowers or not! If you want to play it safe, stick to lukewarm water.

The flower food provided by the florist is the must-have supplement to ensure longevity of the cut flowers. It helps you to keep the flowers fresh and alive for an extended period and timeframe. This curbs the bacterial growth and fungi outbreak at bay while increasing the water intake and nutrient absorption in the flowers.  Usually, the floral food works at three levels, which are, increasing the water intake, regulating the metabolism of flower cell and pH balance of water and preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

If you don’t want to use floral preservative or mix given by the florist, you can easily create one at home! These DIY floral preservatives are easy to make and can be made using household ingredients such as chlorine bleach, aspirin, white vinegar or sugar! Read more about them here.

Once you have found that the stems of flowers are rotting or you observe that it has been days since the flowers have been in the vase, it is time to cut the stems using clippers or professional florist shears. However, it is strongly advised against using the household scissors as it can tear through the vascular system of stems, resulting in the poor intake of water and nutrient absorption and hence, eventually expediting the wilting process.  The stem should be cut at the angle of 45degrees.

The dead foliage and wilted petals, if any, should be removed immediately. The dirt and foliage can result in bacterial growth and rotting of the stem.

Change the water of vase regularly. As soon as you see any foliage floating in the water, change it immediately to enhance the life span of imported cut flowers.  If you aren’t sure about it, change the water every day to keep the water clean. If you are using the vase regularly and keeping different floral arrangement for the display, it is suggested that you clean the vase thoroughly with mild soap and rinse it properly before keeping new flowers.

The water level base should be maintained in the vase. Don’t fill it to the brim and don’t keep the level near the base, either. Maintain the half full / half empty policy! Nothing wrong with this!

While you can be at your creative best with cut flowers, the vase or container certainly has some capacity. And as they say, don’t keep all the eggs in one basket; it is up to you to make sure to give ample breathing space to flowers and your creative arrangement.

A flower arrangement near the window sill looks beyond tempting in a picture. However, direct sunlight is detrimental for your cut flowers as it can reduce their lifespan considerably. Similarly, keep flowers away from fruits as the fruits produce ethylene gas, which can increase the wilting in cut flowers.  Also, keeping the flowers away from any source of electric equipment emitting heat will help considerably. Radiators, oven and refrigerators aren’t great place to keep your flowers.

With these simple steps, you can easily take care of imported cut flowers online! These tips are easy to follow and can be followed without fuss. If you have taken a step further to order cut flowers online with EcoTulips to go beyond the mundane and humdrum fresh flower bouquet, it is well worth an effort to see them alive and gorgeous even after a few days! Moreover, these tips will help you to get the best value of your money and effort!

So, order cut flowers online now at EcoTulips and enjoy them for longer period with these care tips!