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You have been receiving fresh flower bouquets all your life. You know the drill as well. Undo the packaging, put them in the vase and they are all good until, of course, they have to be. A day or a day and a half to the max!  Cut flowers also have their shelf life but with proper care and easy tips, you can make them live longer! These tips are easy to follow and won’t take much of your time either. After all, when you are getting a refreshing change from the routine and run of the mill floral arrangement, this much of an effort can be done and is worth it as well!

The care for cut flowers and regular floral arrangement isn’t much different. However, most of customers are usually at their wit’s ends to understand what they should do with them once they have unopened the packet and smiled a lot thinking that how their loved ones had put in so much effort to gift their favorite flowers and make them feel special.

It is important to understand that no matter how the florist insists that the flowers are cut and handpicked by the florists as and when an order is received, they have a shelf life, especially when they are no longer attached to the stem. Hence, a special set of instructions needs to be followed to ensure and prolong the vase life of the flowers and get best value of the money as well as gift.


So, yes, now let’s cover those steps and get down to the basics that go a long way to extend the lifespan of your flowers:

  • Once you have come back to the senses after receiving such gorgeous cut flowers and have exchanged hugs and kisses with your loved one for this amazing thoughtful gesture, it is time to put the flowers in water.
  • The water should be lukewarm or on room temperature. 
  • The florist takes care that flowers reach you at their blooming best.  The best packaging is done to ensure the same and every delivery is a hand delivery as well. However, if you still see some of the petals not in the best of shape, it is advised to pluck them to prevent the accumulation of foliage on the surface of the water.
  • EcoTulips provides a special floral food with every cut flower delivery. It comes wrapped in the package itself. Simply mix it in the water of the vase and stir it a little. The flower food is very important to maintain the longevity of the cut blooms. It also ensures that flowers stay perkier and peppier for the longer time.

These two simple steps are all you need to follow to keep the cut flowers fresher and livelier for the longer time. The flower food is necessary to increase the vase life of the flowers.  So, make sure you add it to the water of vase. If you still have some doubts, contact the team here and here.

If you want to know about more tips on how to prolong the life of flowers even more, scroll down for the easy tips!