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Eco Tulip: What is it about?

There has always been the scope of more and this is what creates the difference. In the world of bouquets and readymade fresh flower arrangement of regular and routine flowers, there are always some aficionados who would want flowers that are farm-fresh, organic and reach to them as they are meant to be. Bridging the gap between the mundane and exotic, the demand of imported cut flowers and the delivery is Eco Tulip that promises to bring you the most amazing range of cut flowers and the all-new way of delivering flowers in India!

An initiative by Maya Flowers, India’s leading online flower shop, Eco Tulip opens up a new way of getting imported cut flowers online that are delivered right at the doorsteps. From Tulip to daffodils, from Thai orchids to roses and from peonies to asters, here is everything that you would like to refresh, renew and redo your experience with flowers!

Whether you are a home maker, a DIY enthusiast, a wedding planner, an interior decorator or simply the one who knows how farm-fresh, organic and pesticide-free flowers smell and look, Eco Tulip brings you a whole new experience in India to get cut flowers online at economical never before prices!

The times when getting even the locally grown flowers that are fresh and organic is next to impossible, here is your chance to get imported cut flowers that come with the guarantee of extended vase life, prolonged sweet fragrance and beauty! The flowers are delivered in special boxes to accommodate their long stems and preserve their freshness. The long stems ensure the desired arrangements can be achieved and the freshness of flowers can be retained for the longer time.

Delivery at your Doorsteps

The robust logistic network and versatile delivery team deployed by Maya Flowers come to the forefronts to deliver cut flowers at as and when is promised. The team understands that time is of crucial essence while delivering something as perishable as cut flowers and hence, not only the delivery is made at lightening speeds but also in ice vans to ensure that only the freshest and finest of flowers reach at your doorsteps.

Order only what you Need:

When you order cut flowers online with Eco Tulip, you don’t even have to worry about the order size. Be it the requirement of bulk cut flowers or you are ordering for your home, just do it right away and the team ensures that the delivery will be made within the stipulated time period  as and how you want it, by the bunch, stem or box!  Order as many or as little you need, but get the best and economical prices here!

Cut to Order and Farm-Fresh Flowers

Eco Tulip is the home to premium quality online fresh cut flowers that you won’t see at your local florist or a nearby supermarket.  The endless flower options and the possibilities of getting them in the way you want are overwhelming! The wholesale economical prices and doorsteps delivery across India is a bonus! 

We are always committed to ensure latest design trends, amazing shopping experience and quality flowers as per industry standards.